10 Clear Signs Of Unspoken Attraction Between Two People


The Thought Catalogs · 7 min read · Mar 26, 2024

No worries — today you’ll learn everything you need to know about the subconscious signs of physical attraction that have the power of revealing mutual attraction between two people!

Making the first move is one of the most annoying and frustrating things that are (unfortunately) an inevitable part of our love life.

It’s always a matter of principle who’s going to be the initiator of the first date, and it’s always a risky attempt, not knowing whether or not they’re going to allow you to move closer to their personal space.

That’s why so many people give up before even trying and they spend years dreaming about their potential significant others while never doing anything about it.

I was one of them until a good friend of mine revealed the secret regarding signs of attraction.

I asked her: “How are we supposed to know what the other person feels without simply asking them?”

And then she gave me the best dating advice ever.

She said: “Oh, silly, instead of paying attention to their words, you need to pay close attention to their body language and other nonverbal cues that will reveal if they are into you.

And then you can just decide whether you want to make the first move or wait for them to approach you.

Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose because you already know that they like u back.”

For me, this was the revelation of the year and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the next few days (okay, maybe a month).

During that time, I learned every single detail about signs of unspoken attraction, sexual attraction, a physical flirt, sexual tension, you name it.

I felt like I was a god of the dating game and, to be honest, my love life has significantly improved since then!

When I started taking a close look at all those dating tips and signs of attraction between two people, I realized how much time I’ve wasted waiting for the right moment or a miracle to happen.

So, now it’s time for you and everyone else to also learn the art of the following signs of unspoken attraction that will turn your love life upside down (in a positive way, of course)!

These signs will help you reveal if someone’s into you.

That way, you’ll always be one step ahead of the game.

So, let’s get started!

1. Prolonged eye contact

“Eyes are the windows to the soul” means that eyes are the only part of our body that is capable of exhibiting a strong emotional connection and physical attraction.

Prolonged eye contact is the biggest sign of attraction between two people!

Normally, when we’re not attracted to someone, we don’t prolong eye contact because we don’t feel the connection.

But, when we like someone, we can’t help but stare deeply into their eyes, hoping they’ll recognize our feelings.

So, if you notice that you can’t stop looking at each other or that they can’t stop looking you deeply in the eyes, know that they are crazy, deeply, and madly attracted to you!

2. Teasing each other

Another obvious sign of unspoken attraction is teasing.

Remember when you were kids and mostly boys were the ones teasing girls all the time, right?

It’s because teasing is a universal way of capturing someone’s interest and telling them that you like them.

In the adult world, teasing can come in various forms, the most frequent of which is verbal teasing.

This type of teasing includes poking fun at each other about things you like, your habits, the type of food you order at dinner, your beliefs, and so on.

And if you add laughter and subtle touches, there you have it — the three main signs of unspoken mutual attraction.

3. Fidgeting

Fidgeting is equivalent to nervousness because when we are nervous, it is impossible to stay still.

And when we like someone, we get nervous because we’re anxious about everything.

We’re anxious because we don’t want to fuck things up, right?

So, nervousness in the shape of fidgeting is a good sign and another giveaway indicating strong unspoken attraction.

Another similar sign to this one is accelerated blood flow and breathing.

This can be interpreted as “taking your breath away.”

4. Mirroring each other’s movements

Have you ever noticed that someone started doing the same thing as you only seconds after you?

No, this isn’t a coincidence.

It’s called mirroring of each other’s movements and it occurs when there is a strong emotional connection and physical attraction between two people.

So, if you notice that they are touching their hair at the same time as you (or vice versa), it means they are deeply attracted to you, and in that case, mirroring each other’s movements comes naturally.

5. Touching

Touching is the ultimate body language sign that someone is deeply attracted to you.

But, we’re not talking about the kind of intentional touching, but about subtle touching!

If you notice that during conversation or whatever you’re doing, you’re constantly brushing each other’s knees, arms, or shoulders subtly, it means there is a strong sexual tension and mutual attraction between you.

You’re so attracted to each other and there’s an invisible force pulling you toward each other like a magnet!

6. Constantly trying to impress each other

Trying to impress someone stems from wanting to be liked and noticed by them.

So, if they’re constantly fixing their appearance, trying to make you laugh, telling you something impressive about themselves, and the like, you know they’re doing it because they are powerfully attracted to you and, therefore, they want to impress you.

The same thing applies to you as well.

The more we want to impress someone, the more we will be nervous about it.

So, we can say that fidgeting, voice trembling, and other signs of nervousness are in close connection with our desire to impress.

Those are the signs you need to pay attention to to connect the dots and find out if someone likes you back.

7. Not paying attention to other people

Another one of the biggest signs of unspoken attraction is total indifference toward other people.

In other words, not paying attention to people around you when spending time together.

This means that your full attention is directed to each other and you’re fully engaged in the conversation.

They are only interested in you and the insane level of attractiveness is making them oblivious to anyone else around.

8. Smiling and laughing all the time

Are they trying to make you laugh all the time and you’ve noticed that you’re doing the same thing too?

Smiling and laughing all the time are two main indicators that you’re trying really hard to impress and you’re enjoying every single second of spending time together.

This is particularly linked to guys.

When they like someone, they’d do anything to make that girl laugh because when she laughs, she’s happy, and that’s all they want.

They want her to enjoy their company and feel comfortable with them.

The same thing applies to girls as well, but it’s not as frequent as with guys.

9. Lowering voice

I remember reading some dating tips on how to attract someone (by not making it obvious of course) and one of the tips was using a husky voice.

It said that if you want to attract someone, you should speak in a low, husky voice.

But, the truth is that lowering our voices comes naturally to us when we like someone.

This is especially characteristic of males, whose voices are much deeper than that of females.

That is why when they like a woman they’re talking to, they tend to lower their tone because their caring instinct is forcing them to do so.

It’s similar to talking to babies.

When we talk to someone cute whom we like, we subconsciously change the tone of our voice to get closer to them and to show them that we like them.

A lowered voice is also linked with creating sexual tension between two people.

The lower your voice is, the more you will be attracted to each other and vice versa.

10. Being comfortably silent together

This is one of the most underrated signs of true unspoken attraction because we usually pay attention to active signs like smiling, touching, and similar.

But a passive sign such as being comfortably silent together is perhaps the strongest of them all.

It is really rare and impossible to be comfortably silent with someone if you don’t feel a strong connection with them (physically and mentally) and that is why this is a huge indicator of true attraction between two people.

This is also a huge symbol of sexual tension between two people since being comfortable together without using words means being comfortable with your bodies and souls.

Final Thoughts

These signs of unspoken attraction will help you boost your dating game and save you time and nerves when it comes to deciphering whether someone likes you or not.

But, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t expect that they exhibit all of the signs in the same order.

Some people are introverts, which means they’ll be more nervous and that is why fidgeting might be their main sign of attractiveness toward you.

There are also those with higher levels of self-confidence, meaning that they are more likely to engage in prolonged eye contact or subtle touching.

You see, it all depends on the personality of a certain individual, so you should pay attention to that as well.

It won’t be easy at first to follow all these signs above, but once you master it over time, it’ll become second nature and make you the master of unspoken attraction in no time!

Thank you for reading! Your claps and comments will help this piece get more traction. For reading more articles visit thethoughtcatalogs.com

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