A Person Allowing You to Do This Probably Has Feelings, Most Likely


By Athena Loves · 4 min read · Mar 13, 2024

Shakespeare once said, “Love is a crime harder to hide than murder, the darkness of love has the sunlight of noon.”

If someone has feelings for you, even if they try to hide it, it’s a difficult task. Even if they don’t say it out loud, their body’s reactions, the way they look at you, will betray their inner feelings.

To find out if someone has feelings for you, you don’t need to ask because even if you ask directly, you won’t get a definite answer.

What you need to do is observe them. From their actions, tone, and gaze, you can get the right answer.

Just as Bacon said, “Even the gods find it hard to remain wise in love,” let alone us mortals in this earthly world?

Keep in mind, if someone allows you to do this, they probably have feelings for you, most likely.

Allowing You to See Their Hidden Side

In life, everyone has two faces for close people and others.

In front of close people, we are more casual, free. We can be vulnerable, sloppy, and show our most authentic selves.

Facing others, we build a hard shell to hide our vulnerabilities and ignorance.

Everyone has a side that is not known to others, perhaps out of fear of showing it or refusal to show it. In any case, they will disguise it well and not easily let down their guard.

However, once they have feelings, everything changes.

They will treat the person they like as their closest one and eagerly hope the other person will fully understand them. Only then will they show their most lovely side and fall in love with themselves.

Moreover, in front of the person they like, they will open up, be willing to share secrets, and not be afraid of being seen as vulnerable by the other person.

In short, if someone allows you to see their hidden side, it’s enough to show they have feelings for you.

Allowing Physical Contact with You

We often say, “Men and women should not be too close.”

In ordinary opposite-sex relationships, we protect ourselves. Even with good friends, we do not allow physical contact, and if accidentally touched, we feel repulsed.

Physical contact acts as a psychological defense line. The more we reject someone in our hearts, the more we will refuse such situations to avoid being taken advantage of.

However, for someone we like, this psychological defense line will instantly collapse.

We not only do not reject physical contact with them but actively seek to get closer, hoping for a more intimate relationship.

Just like the phrases “touching the head” or “touching the face,” when a liked person touches your forehead or nose, it will be perceived as having an ambiguous relationship, and both will be happy for a long time.

This also indicates that if the person allows physical contact with you, they have feelings for you, no need to doubt.

Allowing You to Question and Disagree with Them

In front of strangers, both men and women are extremely concerned about their reputation.

That’s why at home, in front of close people, we can be ourselves without caring much about our image. But when facing others, we will carefully dress up, fearing being criticized or disapproved of.

Both externally and internally, we find it hard to accept others’ criticism and questioning.

Because of the fear of being criticized, when facing outsiders, we will not easily question or disagree with others. After all, even adults feel uncomfortable and insecure when criticized by others.

However, there are exceptions when we fall in love with someone. We naturally lower our position and start looking up to the other person, believing everything they say is right.

It’s like a woman who has kept short hair for many years, thinking it looks good on her. But after meeting a man she likes, upon hearing his preference for long hair, she starts growing her hair out.

Or a man who likes to wear mature clothes, thinking it gives him a stable appearance. However, after meeting a woman he likes, if she prefers men dressed more casually, he will not get angry but instead start to change his style, wanting to be the kind of man she likes.

In relationships, we don’t really like those who are too compliant; otherwise, the relationship will be dull and unchallenging. Instead, we prefer someone who challenges us, surprises us.

Therefore, when someone allows you to question and disagree with them, yes, they have feelings for you.

Marx said, “In my opinion, true love is shown when a lover takes a reserved, humble, and even shy attitude towards their idol, not in freely expressing passion and premature intimacy.”

If someone truly has feelings for you, their behavior when with you will not be casual, the same for everyone.

It will be reserved yet urgent, humble yet confident, shy yet daring.

Such complex behavior is because they want you to know but don’t know how to convey it, so they can only use these unmistakable actions to hint at you, for you to understand their intentions.

As said, “Accustomed, you don’t think it’s a big deal, thinking love is inherently difficult; imagine love like a boat, no matter how brave you are with the wind, you can’t reach the shore.”

That’s how it feels to have feelings for someone, even if you are brave, there is no guarantee that this love will come easily.

You can only slowly try, explore, understand the other person, and let them understand you.

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